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Alcohol Intake During Pregnancy

Substance abuse is not as risky as in childbearing situation, where there could be an unredeemable effect on the child due to declines or setbacks.

Heavy drinking during pregnancy can result in health problems for the baby that can continue to affect him or her even after many years. This is because the body organs of the unborn child are not well developed to tolerate the effects of alcohol such as their liver. The major causes of birth complications, impairments and deformities in America are the antenatal contact with alcohol and drugs. A pregnant woman is given a measure of alcohol quantity to drink, according to the deliberations carried out by medical professionals. Rather than put the health of the baby at risk pregnant mothers should be looking forward to avoiding alcohol during pregnancy.

Alcohol intake during pregnancy affects the child who is developing.

Abstaining from alcohol intake might not be very easy for addicts who are pregnant even after being aware of the consequences. Women who are dealing with addiction need to seek immediate help once they find out that they are pregnant.

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Learning About Foetal Alcohol Syndrome

Babies with foetal alcohol syndrome are often found with abnormal facial features and develop mood and attention disorders as they grow older. Due to the variables involved in the study, there are no conclusive findings on how alcohol impacts the child during pregnancy.

Experts have determined that all health problems from alcohol exposure before both as foetal alcohol spectrum disorders [FASD]. Every medical case has its challenge peculiarity, that's regarding spectrum problems.

Common symptoms of FASD are as follows

  • Abnormally small heads and brains
  • Defects of the heart and spine
  • Stunted growth
  • Abnormally low weight
  • Cerebral damage
  • Vision and hearing defects
  • Behavioural issues
  • Slow physical development
  • Problems with the heart, kidney or bones

Pregnant And Addicted To Alcohol

Doctors had been maintaining that the use of alcohol during pregnancy is an abuse because it can potentially impact the baby. Serious cases of Foetal Alcohol Syndrome are directly attributed to alcohol intake during pregnancy.

When the content of alcohol in the blood is 0.08 percent or more, it is a sign of binge drinking, which occurs when too much alcohol, approximately 4 drinks, is consumed in just a couple of hours. It is rather unfortunate but all babies who are exposed to alcohol within the womb risk the development of a lifelong disorder.

Data suggests that 1 percent of women drink and 0.5 percent of women indulge in binge drinking during pregnancy.

Percentages Of Pregnant Women Drinking

There is always an underlying reason as to why a woman is addicted to alcohol even during her pregnancy period. The topics of addiction and pregnancy are both delicate. Compassion is crucial when handling pregnant women who have developed a dependency on alcohol.

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