Heroin Addiction Symptoms and Warning Signs in North Yorkshire North Yorkshire

The Signs Of Heroin Use

Side effects resulting form heroin addiction may very well top the list of the worst drug effects in a human body. You can prevent someone from dying knowing what the indications of heroin are.

Heroin is among the highest ranking addictive drugs in pharmacopeia. Most of heroin's users are incapable to live their routine without taking the drug although they don't want to be hooked on to it.

Heroin users tend to hide their addiction making it difficult to detect and address the issue as early as possible. Although the common signs are track or needle marks, they are not easily detectable in new users.

Some of the unique signs indicating heroin abuse are

  • Red and swollen eyes
  • Presence of constricted or pinpoint pupils
  • Rapid weight loss
  • Developing secretive behaviour
  • Start to look different
  • Demotivation
  • Extreme drowsiness or nodding off
  • They may suddenly be constantly borrowing money

Heroin Dangers

Because of heroin addictive potential, most people know that it is one of the dangerous drugs. There also exists some short term and long term effects of this drug, besides the indirect risks that could pose a danger to someone's life.

HIV or hepatitis are sicknesses that heroin abusers are most likely to get.

The viruses which are blood borne are an eminent risk to seasoned heroin users since they prefer injections with the needles being shared. Higher rates of viruses among heroin users can be as a result of risky sexual behaviour. A woman who's with child may also suffer a pregnancy loss as a result of the drug.

Suicide attempts also tend to occur at higher rate among individuals who are dependent on the drug. In other situations people overdose on the drug with an aim of taking their own lives. Heroin abusers that have a history of bipolar disorder, depression, or other mental conditions, are predisposed to attempting suicide.

Withdrawal from the drug may also cause depression and this alone is enough to cause some users to attempt suicide. Call us for support if you or a person you care about is facing heroin problems.

Heroin's dependence indications are

  • Feelings depressed
  • Suspicious
  • Severe skin burning sensations
  • Unable to clear bowels
  • Short Breath
  • Mouth Dry
  • Sluggish talking
  • Blocked Veins
  • Nausea and Vomiting

The adverse effects of heroin worsen with time Heroin can wreak more destruction to the immune system and internal organ with the more someone uses the drug. There is an escalation in the chance of getting communicable and no communicable ailments. Disorders to the heart, lungs, and liver are another consequence of a long-term use of heroin.

Deadly overdosing is a big threat as heroin diminishes breathing and heart rates. An overdose that is non-fatal will easily lead to the patient going into a coma or developing irreversible brain damage.

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Picking Out A Heroin Addict

Trying heroin can easily cause dependence because it has physically and psychologically addictive effects. There are 11 signs that are indicative of an addiction to heroin according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual. These include the following; taking more heroin than you had intended, developing tolerance to heroin and using it while being aware of its adverse effects. A person that exhibits several symptoms is deemed to be seriously addicted to heroin.

There exists a wide range of treatment options that could help one get over the addiction, and for the record a huge number receive treatment for heroin addiction on an annual basis.

Physical dependence that stems from abuse of heroine results in addiction.

Intervention For A Heroin Problem

Heroin addicted people are ready to seek treatment for their problem. Some usually don't feel as if the use of the drug is a problem and this is usually seen in the preliminary stages of heroin addiction. Those in the advanced stages of heroin addiction, have most likely attempted to quit without much success. Carrying out an action could be the proper way to convince them into seeking treatment.

Treatment For Addiction And Withdrawal Symptoms

Physical craving comes along with overdoing heroin and this is what best describes its dependence. Withdrawal symptoms and a need for markedly more heroin to achieve intoxication are the factors of physical dependence.

Heroine is unlike other non-dependence drugs such as Cocaine and marijuana and persons withdrawing from its use often experience serious symptoms which can commence two hours post usage. Giving up heroin also has various psychological challenges.

Psychological symptoms may include cold sweats, muscle pain, and depression.

These kind of symptoms are usually experienced for about a week from when one last used the drug, but the residual symptoms could be experienced for months. The best and safest way of managing heroin withdrawal symptoms is through the intervention of a professional medical centre. You could get better treatment centres which offer therapy as well as support groups in an environment that is distraction free. Take action now and get treated in a heroin addiction centre.