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Addiction To Dilaudid

Dilaudid is commonly prescribed as a morphine-derivative painkiller. It results in a high that is quite akin to that of Heroin and it has a high risk for addiction as well as abuse.

An addiction to Dilaudid can rapidly develop through continued use as Dilaudid is one of the more powerful synthetic narcotics in the opioid class of drugs. It requires larger and more frequent doses to get the desired effects after the build of a tolerance for people regularly taking Dilaudid drug. After one becomes tolerant to Dilaudid, they will often take their pills more frequently leading to a depletion of their prescribed pills before the required time.

Within two or three weeks users can develop a tolerance to Dilaudid.

When they no longer feel the effect of the drug, those whose bodies have become accustomed to the drug may experience some problems with it. An individual who may be interested in stopping the use of Dilaudid to no avail, can be considered to have an addiction to it.

If you see this behaviour in anybody they may be on Dilaudid

  • Craving for the drug
  • Spending excessive amounts to get the drug
  • Finding it difficult to keep up with responsibilities such as school and work
  • Needing huge doses of Dilaudid to feel the high
  • In favour of drug use, you neglect friends and family
  • Stealing from medicine cabinets
  • Having to forge a prescription to get the drug
  • Getting Dilaudid either online or off the streets

At times, some abusers of Dilaudid have tried engaging in criminal activities to get the drug.

Understanding Dilaudid Hydromorphone

Severe pains are the cause for which Dilaudid (Hydromorphone) the schedule II controlled material is prescribed. Receptors in the brain and central nervous system are attached to dull pain through this drug. It enhances the overall good health of a person by influencing the part of the brain that is responsible for such.

Doctor Shopping for new prescriptions may also become the habit of most of Dilaudid addicts, while they start visiting several physicians with complaints of chronic pain.

People who suffer burns and other major wounds are advised by physicians to use this drug. For more than six hours, one can feel how pain is reduced by the drug in less than a quarter of an hour.

Typically, the small doses of Dilaudid tablets such as 2mg or 4mg are prescribed by the doctors. Some pills are triangular and some are round in shape. As an oral liquid, Dilaudid is also available. In the inpatient setting, the drug could also be administered intravenously.

Palladone, exalgo, and Dilaudid-hp are some ways of referring to Hydromorphone. The various street names for it are Dillies, Big D, M-80s as well as Peaches.

The Effects And Abuse Of Dilaudid

Most of the abusers usually inject themselves with this drug due to the faster onset of action compared to when it is swallowed. Other users opt for crushing the Dilaudid pills and thereafter snorting them.

People abuse Dilaudid for the intense sense of euphoria and relaxation as with other opiate painkillers. People taking higher doses are putting themselves at risk of overdosing because they do not feel enough pain relief when prescribed the drug. However, overdose may also affect those abusing the drug.

Using this drug without proper recommendation from a physician constitutes drug abuse. Using the drug without recommendation by a medical practitioner or using more than the prescribed dose are part of the problem.

There may be deadly consequence of over reliance on this drug. Dilaudid higher doses can slow breathing and blood pressure, sometimes to the point of failure.

Some signs of a Dilaudid overdose include

  • Miosis
  • Weak pulse
  • Shallow breathing
  • Unconsciousness
  • Bluish coloured lips
  • Vomiting

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The Common Drug Combinations

To get a better high, those who abuse Dilaudid recreationally mix it with alcohol or Benzodiazepines. This combination acts to depress the central nervous system. The drugs effect is amplified by mixing it and also dangerously slows breathing and heart rates. Fatal overdose may occur when mixing Dilaudid with these drugs.

User can make several attempts to reproduce the same feeling they experienced as a first time user as an evidence of their dependence on the drug. This usually leads to the abuse of harder drugs, for instance Heroin, a more accessible option.

Addiction Statistics

Going back to the drug is common among those who want to do it on their own. This emphasizes the need for a professional or medical treatment to aid in quitting its use. Prescription drugs will be given you to overcome the need to take the drug in addition to providing guidance for you as a way of helping you win the battle over dependence on the drug. There is help available across the country in one of the many Dilaudid treatment centres.