Cocaine Addiction Withdrawal and Detox in North Yorkshire North Yorkshire

What Is The Cause Of The Withdrawal Symptoms

A detox can assist those suffering from the mental side effects that result from quitting Cocaine to better manage them.

What Are The Causes Of Cocaine Withdrawal

Dopamine, a happiness-inducing chemical in the brain, is released in extreme amounts when Cocaine is used. The user gets used to the feelings of happiness produced by the substance when Cocaine is abused for an extended time span. This leads to addicts needing Cocaine to create any dopamine in their brain or even to feel "usual". Trying to stop using Cocaine is what leads to the side effects of withdrawal. The withdrawal symptoms are sometimes very severe such that the addicts opt to use the drug just to avoid them.

The strength of the symptoms may vary on the dosage and recurrence of the drug use.

Side Effects Of Quitting Cocaine

It takes a short time for someone to start experiencing these symptoms because Cocaine wears from the body faster. Avoiding these withdrawal side effects is why many Cocaine users take larger doses of the substance over small periods of time, or as it is popularly called, "binge". Death may occur if the drug is used in excessive amounts just to curb the withdrawal symptoms.

Withdrawal Period

When Cocaine use is stopped completely and abruptly, it can lean to suicidal ideation and an extremely low mental disposition. Withdrawal symptoms occur only a few hours after the last dose. During the month the user stopped using Cocaine, the severity of the side effects and the urges are much worse. Withdrawal symptoms lasts for a long time, it can last for months after the last use. Many people fail to stop using it become of the uneasiness that comes with the withdrawal.

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Common symptoms of withdrawal from Cocaine include

  • Sudden spike in the appetite
  • Short-temperedness
  • Uneasiness
  • Sleep Deprivation
  • Unrest
  • Suicidal ideation
  • Melancholy/Sadness
  • Nightmares

Withdrawal Of Cocaine Timeline

When the abuse of Cocaine stops withdrawal side effects occur instantly. Addicts will feel extreme hunger, anxiety, irritation and tiredness. During this time, the urges for Cocaine are low.

Extreme Cocaine cravings will occur. Users will feel extremely tired, but they will have trouble sleeping. Feelings of hopelessness and powerful nightmares are also common.

They continue to have a low mental disposition, while also feeling a strong urge to use. During the recovery or withdrawal period, the patient becomes emotionally unstable and confused. Other usual symptoms are uneasiness and short-temperedness.

Withdrawal side effects start to fade and body and mind start to recover. However, it should be noted that the desire to use Cocaine can still occur. They might also get easily annoyed and nervous.

Detox And Treatment Of Cocaine Addiction

It takes commitment and willingness for Cocaine use to be stopped completely and a qualified doctor should supervise the whole process. It is also possible to recover from Cocaine dependency without being admitted to a rehab facility. Recovering via outpatient care can take less time and can be effective, but only with the full commitment of the patient. For 10-12 hours every week addicts go to a hospital or a treatment centre. Doctors or counsellors in charge will execute a thorough physical and mental assessment during the treatment.

There are various differences between inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation. Learn more about them now.

Cocaine Addiction And Therapy

Despair and the constant need of Cocaine are some of the withdrawal side effects that are challenging to overcome.

Unfortunately, the side effects of stopping the use of Cocaine cannot be eliminated by medicinal means. What has led to many users successfully quitting Cocaine is behavioural therapy and support groups.

There is also twelve-step groups like Narcotics Anonymous, this group provides the addicts with an encouraging environment which can give them emotional support.

Withdrawing from Cocaine can also be easier with individual and group counselling. Many people who had been addicts before have stopped using Cocaine because of the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

Help is available to those who want to beat the addiction. For information and advice on Cocaine detoxing and other forms of treatment available, contact us now.