Cannabis Addiction Symptoms and Warning Signs in North Yorkshire North Yorkshire

Indications Of Cannabis Abuse

Although Cannabis addiction poses no serious health risks compared to other addictions, however the user can still develop problems in their lives. If you think a friend or a family member you care about is using Cannabis, understanding the signs of abuse are the first step in identifying the abuse. The risks associated with long-term use of Cannabis are not fully understood. Gloominess, nervousness, lacking motivation and emotional disorders are the psychological disorders which are increased by using Cannabis.

Signs that you should be on the lookout for include

  • Red eyes
  • Eating more than normal
  • Reduced Motivation
  • Weight gain
  • Extreme nervousness
  • Poor coordination
  • Decelerated response time

The Hazards Of Cannabis

To many Americans, the use of Cannabis is as normal as the occasional intake of alcohol. In some states, Cannabis use for recreational purposes has been legalised.

This however shouldn't be taken as an endorsement that the drug has no negative effects. Nevertheless, the effects of Cannabis on learning are yet to be fully understood It has not been scientifically proven if Cannabis causes harmful effects in people over 18 years of age, but the same cannot be said about young adults.

Unsurprisingly, prolonged use of Cannabis influences short-term memory as well as your capability to hold on to the new information.

Immediate Side Effects Of Chronic Cannabis Use

Although the short-term Cannabis side-effect may not be lethal, prolonged usage has its dangers. According to official data, there was nearly a 60 percent increase in the number of people admitted in hospital in emergency in 2010 compared to 2006. Nevertheless, these effects are discernible and attributable to its consumption. Typically, people addicted to Cannabis don't feel normal until they get high.

Cannabis might produce the following side effects

  • Paranoia
  • Food Cravings
  • Panic attacks
  • Higher heart rate
  • Ataxia
  • Weakened thinking

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The Long Term Effects Of Cannabis Abuse

Unlike other drugs, long-term side-effects associated with Cannabis use are not life-threatening. Here are some of the likely side-effects of prolonged use of the substance

  • Emotional imbalance
  • Lung Disease
  • Panic disorder
  • Poor learning ability
  • Cognitive inhibition
  • Amnesia

How Cannabis Can Affect Teens

According to a study conducted by Duke University, there are potential side effects associated to chronic Cannabis use. The study highlighted that people who regularly used Cannabis as a teenager experience a decrease of eight IQ points on average. However it was noted that this is not the only factor that may have affect IQ differences.

Understanding Cannabis Abuse

A very obvious sign that someone is addicted to Cannabis is the inability to stop using while being well aware of the negative effects. Thus, one may want to keep on feeling high while at work or using more money on the drug without considering the costs.

Among the clinical warning signs we can find craving the drug, prioritizing its use, and relinquishing responsibilities to consume it. Find out more about how to detect an addiction.

Cannabis Problem Intervention

An intervention can provide an addict with the motivation to stop using the drug and this could be important if the use of the drug is preventing them from leading a healthy life. The Cannabis user probably will not believe that they are an addict so they will not take help. For that reason, an intervention in a supportive environment that can make them realise their addiction and the impact it's had on their lives. If you are a parent and suspect your teen is indulging in Cannabis abuse, the best way to go is staging an intervention to highlight the risks associated with the drug. You can get more information on how to stage an intervention.

Dealing With Withdrawal

Signs of withdrawal are present in the people who use Cannabis for many years when they try to stop. Compared to withdrawal symptoms associated with alcohol and Heroin, the possible withdrawal symptoms of Cannabis are not physical.

Short-temper, sleeplessness, hunger and nervousness are the indications when an habitual Cannabis user stop taking the drug cold-turkey.

Finding proper treatment can teach users how to quit Cannabis without the associated side-effects. In most cases, medication involves contacting a therapist to provide advice during the tough times as well as help groups to offer comfort. If you or someone you care about is having problems with Cannabis abuse, feel free to contact us for help.