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All You Needed To Know About Cannabis

In America, about 4 million people are stated to take Cannabis drug. Compared to other illegal substances, Cannabis is abused more.

This drug is obtained from cannabis plant. The method of preparation involves drying the plant and grinding it into crumbs which are then smoked like a pipe or cigarette. There are other forms of the drug which are ingested too.

Cannabis edibles are foods containing cannabis in them, like chocolate bars, and they are just as potent as cannabis sticks which people smoke.

Various individuals take in a resin-like drug derived from the plant which offers a extremely intense buzz. "Dab" as most users call it, is a viscous substance that can come crystallized as candy and is consumed inhaled and vaporised. "Dab" can also be called wax, budder, and shatter.

In certain states, the use of Cannabis for medical purposes is legal and in some, recreational use is also allowed. As medicine, it is used for pain and stress relief as well as boosting appetite. Cannabis produces calming effects, as well as a mellow high sensation, which adds for its recreational use. Pot, dope, ganja, grass, maryjane, reefer and weed are the name of Cannabis.

There have been many laws that have been passed in relation to the use of this drug in the past. Triggered by varied feelings and propaganda, it is still unclear about the risks associated with Cannabis addiction.

Cannabis Abuse And Effects

Cannabis alters how people perceive things since it's a psychoactive drug. The main compound in cannabis, tetrahydrocannabinol, is responsible for altering brain function.

Different users might be affected differently by Cannabis, and the effects are more pronounced when used in high amount. Ingesting the drug produces intoxication that lasts longer than smoking it although it also takes effect much more slowly.

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The high concentration of THC in dabs means that the effect is usually immediate and lasts for hours. Cannabis can induce effects such as

  • Relaxation and happiness
  • Soft hallucination
  • Greater desire to eat
  • Reduced Anxiety

By ill-treating a illegal material, after Cocaine Cannabis covers the second highest degrees of emergency patients, in spite of the fact that there is nearly no danger in over-eating. The reason for high-rate of emergency room visitation is attributed to the accidents resulting because of being intoxicated after taking Cannabis.

Thc Levels In Cannabis

Compared to cannabis used in 60s, today's Cannabis has more than 250 percent higher THC content, and high THC concentration in turn means even a small amount of cannabis can cause a severe high. Higher doses of THC as found in today's Cannabis have led to issues related to intoxication and dependence.

The clinical aspects of Cannabis addiction can negatively impact a person's life.

Addicted To Cannabis

Use of Cannabis develop psychological dependence just like other obsessions. Cannabis increases the production of dopamine in the brain just like other drugs.

As with other drugs, the brain reprograms itself to crave Cannabis. Using the drug will temporarily result in production of the neurochemical at the normal levels. When a person wants to stop taking Cannabis but find themselves unable to do so, this usually means that they are addicted.

The personal life of a addict can also suffer due to this habit. The more symptoms and problems related to Cannabis are

  • Problems with law enforcement agencies
  • Low grades in School and College
  • Problems at work places
  • Weak learning capabilities and forget things quickly

a person can also be said to be addicted if they use the drug despite being well aware of the ill effects. In this case, it is critically vital to get acquainted with the signs and consequences of falling victim to Cannabis addiction.

Cannabis Leading To Other Drug Use

Cannabis has been recognised as a Gateway Drug because dabbling with it often leads to use of gateway drugs such as Cocaine. The reason why Cannabis is considered a gateway drug is mostly associated with the youth as they are most likely to try using other drugs too. According to statistics, there are increased cases of Cannabis abuse among teenagers in the US. In future, teenagers who are using Cannabis or anything else have the higher rate of developing the addiction.

Data On Cannabis Abuse

Cannabis Addiction Treatment

A person who has developed a dependency on Cannabis may find it very hard to stop using without assistance. Similar to other types of addictions, the best way to quit is by seeking advice from a expert. Seeking counselling or joining a support group are part of treatment plans for giving up Cannabis addiction. We invite you to contact us on 0800 772 3971 to know more about treatment for Cannabis addiction.