Abuse And Addiction of Alcohol about-alcoholism

The highest number of addicts in the UK are addicted to alcohol. Drinking alcohol may lead to refusal and have extreme results.

What Is Alcohol

Alcohol is a legal regulated element that reduces nervousness and shyness. It create various symptoms like lack of coordination and indistinct speech.

A person isn't considered an alcoholic just because they take alcohol but if the alcohol is having a negative impact on a person's life regularly, they are said to have an alcohol use problem. The alcoholic drink may be in the form of beer, wine or hard Alcohol.

Beer Dependence And Abuse

Beer is an alcoholic beverage made using yeast-fermented malt flavoured with hops. Beer has a least alcohol content by volume (AVC), as compared to hard Alcohol or wine.

The alcohol content (ABV) ranges from around 2 - 12% and the most commonly consumed beers in the UK are Budweiser, Stella Artois and Becks. To be within the legal drinking limit but not be allowed to drive, takes most people 2 to 3 beers.

Britain's drink beer during many social activities. Beer is present in most sporting events, there are many drinking games in colleges that involve beer and many professionals would loath to miss out on happy hour.

Microbreweries are becoming popular and is where the drinking establishment brews their own beer. Some of the craft beers being brewed do have one major problem and that is that they have a higher alcohol content than the average draft with some going as high as 12 percent.

Anyone who drinks beer whether only at social gatherings or only those who take only craft beer is at risk of becoming an alcoholic addict. When you feel like drinking when no one else is drinking or when you are bored or uncomfortable, this may be a sign that you are developing a drinking problem. Get assistance for a beer addiction today.

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Dependency And Abuse Of Wine

Fermented grapes and other fruits are the primary source of wine. The basic wine is either red or white but may each may have a variety of flavors.

Some samples of white wines are Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Riesling and Moscato and Merlot, Cabernet, Pinot Noir and Zinfandel are some examples of red wines. The different varieties are based on the grapes used.

It has more intense quantity of alcohol as compared to beer. A 5 oz measure of wine is equal to a 12 oz pour of beer. Frequently, wine is mostly drank during parties or in company with gourmet cheese and crackers. It's not easy to tell if someone has a wine use problem since wine is usually seen as a classy drink.

Wine adverts tend to target women and in the UK, 64 percent of wine drinkers are women. Due to these stats it may be said that women are more prone to abuse of wine than men. Men can also have a problem with wine abuse. There is a major problem with those people who are using and drinking wine excessively to fight with stress and anxiety. If you are struggling with a wine addiction, you can get help today.

Reliance On Alcohol

Alcoholic drinks grouped as hard or spirits like tequila, vodka, gin, rum, and whiskey are all in the alcohol category. Spirits are normally mixed with soft drinks or water since they have a much higher alcohol content compared to wine and beer. A spirit measure is 25 ml on average. A small amount of alcohol is called a shot or neat when taken without mixing with water or soda. Mixing alcohol with soda can result in faster intoxication since carbonation increases the rate at which alcohol is absorbed in the blood. Drinking shots can lead to a higher consumption of alcohol as they are easier to consume due to the small amount of liquid.

Many drinkers state that they feel different effects of intoxication when they consume different alcoholic drinks. Science has still to demonstrate this, with researches showing that alcohol generates equal symptoms in everybody, despite the kind of beverage being ingested. The drinker's perception may however be affected by the setting in which they are consuming the alcohol. Doing shots of tequila at a party that is highly charged can have a wide variety of effects while a person who's just having their wine at dinner will likely feel happy or tired.

The ones with a serious alcohol use disorder might experience that they can't begin their daily routine without a swig of vodka or end it without a glass of whiskey. Despite the kind of alcohol ingested, alcohol of any type has severe addiction potential. Get help for an alcohol compulsion now.

Defining Binge Drinking

Binge drinkers are those men or women who drink five or more alcoholic drinks in a two hour period. A person who binge drinks only on occasion may be able to stop themselves. A person who is addicted to alcohol may not be able to stop without assistance from someone else even if they want to. Alcoholism can easily develop if a person binge drinks for an extended period.

Alcohol Immediate Effects

As a central nervous system (CNS) depressant, alcohol reduces psychological and physical processes. With the initial drink of beverage, people might notice a reduction in sensations of nervousness or stress. The reason alcohol is also known as a social lubricant is that shy users suddenly develop boldness to socialize and often will not mind what others think about them.

Alcohol is legal and accepted as a social pastime so it can be difficult to see the difference between casual use and addiction. If alcohol use causes negative consequences, then it is considered alcohol abuse. Part of the negative complications of alcohol use are

  • Illness or physical harm
  • Relationship problems
  • Work-related issues
  • Money problems

It turns into addiction when the usage increases.

Addicted To Alcohol

Being addicted to alcohol or alcoholism results in the uncontrollable need to take alcohol and the failure to quit drinking even when faced with danger to themselves or others. Evidences of an addiction to alcohol are generally drinking more than expected, wishing to quit drinking, however being incapable to have a resistance to alcohol, feeling withdrawal side effects once is stopping, allowing individual and professional obligations struggle in advantage of drinking and wasting an enormous time trying to get and drink alcohol. You can find out if you have an alcohol problem by taking our quiz.

High-Functioning Alcoholics

There is a type of alcoholic known as a High-Functioning Alcoholic. High-Functioning Alcoholics though addicts can control themselves and continue producing professionally and at home.

According to an article in the New York Times, half the alcoholics are high-functioning alcoholics. The majority of high-functioning alcoholism are lawyers, professors and doctors.

A high-functioning alcoholic may not notice they are addicted till they encounter a problem traceable to alcohol. The risk of high-functioning alcoholism is that it may carry on for an extended period without the individual admitting they have an issue.

The Mix Of Alcohol With Other Drugs

Since it is so typical in today's society, alcohol is frequently abused in company with other drugs. Alcohol when mixed with other drugs can become a serious issue. Alone, alcohol is dangerous enough but when mixed with other substances, its potency becomes deadly.

Statistics Of Alcohol Abuse And Addiction

Get Help For Alcohol Dependency

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